A formal situation is a situation where certain things are needed to be followed. You cannot wear anything that you wish either it is clothes or footwear. A formal situation like your job place, academy, etc. requires formal clothes and shoes. Whatever, formal shoes do not always mean something very much conventional. It can be trendy to but not as trendy as slippers, sandals or loafers. Formal shoes can be of various models, but classical, standard, simple at the same time stylish shoes are most favourable to the users of Bangladesh. Many companies manufacture formal shoes in Bangladesh, and some of them are world famous.

What things are to consider while buying formal shoes
Though the shoe is formal, most of the time an official needs to wear it the entire length as his job requirements. So, when you buy it, check out properly that it will be comfortable to wear. Most of the formal shoes made in Bangladesh is made with a hard type of leather. These are not as comfortable as boots or sandals. You should try to find out that it will be comfortable and also soft so that it does not hurt your leg.

You should also check the sole of it because an ordinary sole of a shoe can break easily. A shoe can say a lot about your personality so choose it correctly. All types of shoes will not go with your clothing so you can buy some pair of shoes to match it with your clothing. Black is the most popular formal shoe colour in Bangladesh, but many people prefer chocolate colour too.

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