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Bicycle price in Bangladesh

In first world country, civilians mostly prefer bicycle to go their destination. This is because of health consciousness and it reduces the pollution of city. Albeit people in Middle East country don’t use that most, they have intentions to ride them as a hobby. Apart from that, if people consider bicycles to reach short distances places, everyone will be conducive in case of keeping themselves fit and the cost of transport will be minimized. People who are underprivileged might face difficulties to purchase, but there are a handful of companies that sell at a low cost in BD. Duranta bicycle is one of the popular brand of bicycles among all.           

Types of Bicycle:

There are a colossal amount of bicycles which are popular in the world. Such as:
Road, Mountain, Hybrid, Touring, Electric, BMX, Fixie, Tandem, Folding, Kids, Cruiser, Gravel. Everyone has its own features but many people purchase according to their need. All the above mentioned cycles are not available in BD.

Road Bicycle
A road bicycle is a type of bicycle designed for riding on paved roads. It typically features standard materials, strong and narrow tires, and a drop handlebar. Road bicycles are optimized for speed and efficiency and are used for various purposes including racing, recreation, and commuting.

Mountain Bicycle
Mountain bicycle, also known as a mountain bike, is a type of bicycle designed for off-road cycling and rough paths. It typically has wide tires with aggressive treads, a strong frame, and suspension to absorb shock and improve handling. Mountain bikes come in different styles, including cross-country, trail, endure, and downhill. Sports person are more inclined to ride mountain bicycles because of its adventures.         

Hybrid Bicycle
Though these are not conventional in BD, they are designed to be a versatile and convenient for a variety of riding conditions and surfaces, including rough roads, paved roads etc.

Touring Bicycle
This type of bicycles are mainly made to ride for long-distance travel, carrying gear, and providing a comfortable ride. This, on the other hand, is ideal for muli-day trips and backpacking.

Electric bicycle
Electric bicycle is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that provides assistance to rider. The motor helps to pedal the bike, making it easier to ride, fast ride, and the range of distances that can be covered. They come with variety of designs and engrossing features.

Top Brands in Bicycle
Top brands in BD are Duranta, Runner, Hero, Road master, Firefox, Montra, Atlas, Kross, Huffy, BSA, and Avon. Whether you are an occasional rider or a competitive cyclist, you may find one according to your needs and demands and budget from these brands. They are known for their creative designs, making them a trusted brand among the consumers. Whether you want for riding short-distance places or long-distances places, these branded bicycles will support the consumers all day long. It’s useful for budget-conscious riders as well.

Hero Bikes:
These bikes is an Indian band that has a strong presence in Bangladesh. They are known for their affordability and durability. Additionally, Atlas Bikes are the local band that has a variety of bicycles for riders.

Bicycle Buying Guide

When someone purchases a bike, consider some key factors.
Type of bike: road, mountain, hybrid, BMX, etc.
Budget: how much you're willing to spend.
Purpose: recreational riding, commuting, racing, etc.
Size: ensure proper fit based on height and inseam measurements.
Quality of components: frame, wheels, gears, brakes, etc.
Suspension: depends on the type of riding and terrain.

Brand reputation and customer service.
Test ride: ensure the bike feels comfortable and handles well.
Accessories: helmet, lock, lights, etc.
Maintenance: check the bike's warranty and maintenance requirements.

Kids Bicycle buying Guide
Parents should be hyper-vigilant before purchasing bicycles for them, so there are some key factors.
Size: Choose a bike that fits the child's height and weight.
Brakes: Ensure the bike has good brakes, such as hand brakes.
Wheels: Consider the wheel size, with larger wheels being more stable.
Frame: Look for a strong, lightweight frame that is easy to handle.
Comfort: Make sure the child is comfortable on the bike.
Safety: Check that it has additional safety measures like reflectors and lights.
Cost: Set a budget and compare with other brands to get the best price.
Purpose: Choose on purpose of uses and select according to that.

Bicycle price in bangladesh

Prices are varied due to the brand and product quality. As numerous brands are available in our country, some like duranta, hero etc are manufacturing updated bicycles at a reasonable cost. cycle price in Bangladesh is affordable for all strata of people.

Cycle price in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, all cycle manufacturing companies are competing with others, as a result, they are trying to reach customers with their products at low cost and good quality. The price of bicycle in Bangladesh vary depending on several factors such as the type, features. On average, a basic one can cost anywhere from 5000 to 20,000 Bangladeshi Taka, while specialized bikes can cost significantly more.

Gear cycle price in Bangladesh
Now-a-days is offering duranta gear cycle where customers will have many exciting features in that at a discounted price. No only low-cost but also EMI facilities are available.

Low price bicycle in Bangladesh
As prices varies on features, some bicycle cost from 6000 BDT which are best cycle under 15000 in bd and has good features. The popular online shopping place to the name of promote their duranta cycles at a cheap cost; it’s being delivered all over the country.      

Sports bike price in Bangladesh
The price of sports bikes in Bangladesh can vary greatly depending on the brand, model, and condition of the bike. On average, a new sports bike from a well-known brand such as Yamaha, Honda, or Suzuki can cost anywhere from 400,000 to 800,000 Bangladeshi taka.

Fat bicycle price in Bangladesh
The price of fat bikes in Bangladesh can vary depending on the brand, model, and specifications of the bike. On average, a basic fat bike can cost anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 Bangladeshi taka, while more high-end models from premium brands can cost upwards of 100,000 taka.

Classic bicycle price in Bangladesh
On average, a basic classic bike can cost anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 Bangladeshi taka, while higher-end models with more premium features and components can cost upwards of 30,000 taka. bicycle price Dhaka compared with other regions is relatively lower.

Folding cycle price in bangladesh
A folding bicycle is a type of bicycle that can be easily folded into a compact size for comfortable storage and transportation.

Mountain bicycle price in Bangladesh
These type of bicycles come with special features to use on rough road, such as dirt trails, roots, and hills. The product, on the other hand, is mainly built on the demand of consumers and the intended use. This type of bicycles are rare in BD; it is mostly famous in western countries.

Road bike price in Bangladesh
Road bike is designed for those who are preferring to purchase for riding at short distances. The cost ranges from 7000 to 12000 tk and can be purchased from an offline store or ordered online by the consumer.

Ladies cycle price in bd
Increasingly, using ladies bicycles in BD is becoming popular, with many companies manufacturing them similarly to boy’s bicycles.

MTB cycle price in bd
This bicycle is designed for off-road cycling and typically has features such as suspension systems, strong tires. And, they are popular for competitive cycling.

Oil brake cycle price in bangladesh
Hydraulic brakes are a type of bicycle brake that use oil to transfer force from the brake lever to the brake caliper, which then applies pressure to the rotor and slows down the bike. Oil brakes are known for their modulation and stopping power, making them popular among mountain bikers and other off-road cyclists. 

Best cycle brand in Bangladesh

There is a plethora of best cycle brand in Bangladesh, with some having an immense popularity among consumers; duranta is one of the best brands in the country. Some popular bicycle brands available in Bangladesh include:






Duranta bicycle price in Bangladesh

Duranta stands out among other brands with its exceptional features, meeting the needs of consumers. Many civilians have faith on this brand as they ensure quality products and delivery facilities. It is safe to say that they are the leading brand in the country with having a lots of positive reviews online.  

Phoenix cycle price in bangladesh
Once upon a time, most of the people used to purchase this bicycle because of its durability.
Phoenix cycle can be seen as a representation of the idea of continual improvement and the pursuit of excellence. Whether it is in the context of personal growth, organizational development, or the evolution of technology, the Phoenix cycle serves as a powerful reminder of the potential for renewal and the constant possibility of growth and progress.

In addition, the Phoenix cycle is also seen as a symbol of hope and resilience. It suggests that even in the face of adversity, there is the potential for rebirth and renewal. The Phoenix cycle reminds us that, like the mythical bird, there is always the possibility of rising from the ashes.

Hero bicycle price in bangladesh
Hero Bicycle is a brand of bicycles that is popular in many countries around the world. It is known for producing a wide range of bicycles for different types of riders, including road bikes, mountain bikes, kids' bikes, and more. The brand is known for its high-quality products and its commitment to providing its customers with the best possible cycling experience.

Hero Bicycle was established in India in the 1980s and has since grown to become one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the country. The company has also expanded its reach globally, exporting its products to many countries around the world.

In addition to its high-quality bicycles, Hero Bicycle is also known for its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company uses eco-friendly materials in the production of its bicycles and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just starting out, Hero Bicycle has a product that is right for you. With its focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, it is no wonder that Hero Bicycle has become a popular choice among cyclists around the world.

Veloce bicycle price in bangladesh
Veloce bicycles are designed for speed and efficiency on smooth roads and are typically equipped with lightweight frames, aerodynamic components, and advanced drivetrains. They are typically more expensive than recreational road bikes and are intended for experienced riders who prioritize speed and performance over comfort.

Avon cycle price in bangladesh
Avon Cycles Limited is a leading Indian manufacturer of bicycles and related products. Founded in the 1940s, the company has a long history of producing high-quality bicycles for various segments of the market, including road bikes, mountain bikes, kids' bikes, and others. Avon offers a wide range of products at different price points to meet the needs of different consumers. The company has a strong presence in India and exports its products to several countries around the world.

RFL bicycle price in bangladesh
RFL produces numerous bicycles to the name of Duranta, with having extraordinary features at reasonable cost. Not only are they famous in the local areas but also in the world. They export their products to many Europeans country.

Ranger max cycle price in bangladesh
The Ranger Max is likely a reference to the Ford Ranger Max, which is a variant of the Ford Ranger pickup truck. The Ford Ranger Max is a compact pickup truck that offers a high level of versatility and capability for work and play. It is equipped with features like a powerful engine, advanced safety and infotainment technologies, and a spacious and comfortable interior.

Forever pearl cycle price in Bangladesh
Some bicycles, such as the Forever Pearl and Ranger Max, are considered unconventional due to their extraordinary features, making them ideal for riding on rough roads.

Venom cycle price in Bangladesh
The "Venom" cycle refers to the series of comic book storylines, characters, and media adaptations centered around the Marvel Comics super villain and antihero Venom. The character was created by David Michelin and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988). The "Venom" cycle follows the character's journey from a villain to an antihero, as well as his various hosts and the many forms and iterations the symbiotic has taken over the years.

Prince bicycle price in Bangladesh
prince is a reputed brand that produces bicycles. There are a variety of features that attracts customer such as if anyone wants to ride at any rough place, prince bicycle will be ideal for them.

Falcon cycle price in bangladesh     
They have continuously developed the range to offer competitively priced bikes for the whole world.  Currently this bikes suitable for old riders. Though the price is relatively higher, it has many offers by the company to purchase easily. In European unions, there have many countries that people are using cycles to reach most of their destinations. On average, 80% of the citizens have personal bicycles. Falcon is at the top of their purchasing list.