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Lentil (Dal)

Lentil (Dal) is a food item commonly known as a pulse. It is part and parcel of our day to day meal. Lentil is full of protein and in Bangladesh also known as the "meat for lower-average" people. It is beneficial for Diabetes and High-Pressure patients. Lentil grows plenty in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka of South Asia. It has a high demand in the international kitchens. A large number of Lentils is exported from this continent to other countries of the world.

It is mainly eaten with plain rice. In our country, a particular kind of item is made of lentil to eat with Polao in the marriage ceremony. It has more protein and less carbohydrate and fat. You can make lentil items light or heavy. You can cook them differently. Lentils are also used to make the inner patties of the cakes in rural areas of our country. Having lentil in our daily course of eating helps us to get the proper nutrition that our body needs regularly. You can also cook lentil with fish, meat or vegetables to give the item a different flavor and taste. As an agricultural country, a large variety of lentils is grown in our fields. They are mainly-mother, motor, Chola, khesari, mash Kalai, Orohor, mug Dal, etc. Moshur is the most popular among all and is taken by people from all walks of life in their day to day life. You can have a pulse of Moshur or smashed Moshur known as "Vorta" in your meal.

You can also make different sweet and spicy cakes by using this lentil. You can also have hotchpotch by mixing all kinds of lentil. Various seasonal vegetables can be cooked with the use of lentil. Mug Dal is famous for its renowned recognition for the item "Murighanto" cooked with fish in our country. Chola Dal has its fame for being used at the feast of a marriage ceremony, cooked with beef or mutton. You can also cook different new items with all these lentils to exercise the ability and creativity of your cooking specialty.

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