Nakshi Kantha

Being a Bangladeshi, who does not know about Nakshi Kantha? It is our very own age-old tradition. Our village women are making them centuries after centuries. They are called Nakshi Kantha because it is mainly doing the "Naksha" on white background Kanthas. It is originated centuries ago and get the world reclamation of only originated and found in our motherland.

First, the Kanthas are made out of threads. Women give their old sarees, Ornas, husband's Lungis and Cadors inside them. Next, one coloured cotton soft clothes are added on top of them to cover the whole background. Previously the traditional Nakshi Kanthas have the only white background. But with the passing of time now women work on the blue, red, yellow, green, navy blue and other coloured backgrounds also. It is said that they were used only for the use at home in our countryside.

Women used to do the needlework in the artistic patterns which resulted in various neat, beautiful designs. The untold story of their life was drawn with so much care on the Kanthas in an extraordinary pattern. Whenever you glance at these items, it seems like a piece of daily life in the village is becoming displayed before your eyes. After the background is complete, they use "run for" all over the Kanthas. After completion of this, they start doing designs of different patterns with "Kantha stitch".

Our renowned Pollikobi has written a book with the title of "Nakshi Kanthar Math". The age-old tradition had a revolution and became worldwide famous. Now they are built to send them to the western countries as they are very demanding regarding finance and commerce. In Bangladesh now everybody has at least one piece of them in their almirah. It is mostly found in "Uttorbonger" Rajshahi, Chapai Nawabgonj, Nature, Naogaon. But the most beautiful and demanding Nakshi Kantha maker districts are Jessore, Kushthia and Faridpur. Some people use them as duvets, some of the bed sheets, some welcome their guests providing these items as Kanthas during bedtime. Recently, some are trying to uphold our pride, our traditional Nakshi Kantha by wrapping a wall of the drawing room as these Kanthas also work as an exceptional graffiti.

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