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The hearing is one of the five basic senses of a human. The digital world that we live in, this sense is aided by speakers. TV, computer, mobile, music player, radio, musical instrument and many other devices utilize speaker regularly every day to bring sound to our ear. Be it for listening to music, TV program, online podcast, seminar hall lectures, concert hall music, etc. speakers are always & widely used by people all over the world. Utilization of speakers covers a wide range depending on the purpose of the use & the environment in which it is to be used.

Some examples of different types of speakers are the home theater, 2:1 channel, 4:1 channel, two pieces, one piece, sub-woofers, car sound system, etc. They can further be sub-categorized based on their connectivity with the input device. There are the traditional speakers that connect with wires, and then there are more modern speakers which use a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. These wireless speakers can simultaneously be linked to different devices at ease & increase efficiency. Some accessories can also be used with speakers such as external bass box etc.


Speakers Online Shops in Bangladesh at has a comprehensive catalog of speakers ranging to various brands & types. If one wants a speaker for listening to music at home, traditional 2.1 or 4.1 channel speakers offer quality sound with a balanced bass output. For music enthusiasts who value the quality of sound more than anything, it has home theatres to offer to give them crystal clear sound with the virtual surround sound system. For seminar halls & office rooms which involve voice of the speaker rather than music, clearness of the sound has more priority rather than the bass. has this type of speakers too which can be further extended by connecting the speaker pieces to a central hub & spreading all throughout the seminar hall. For concert purposes extra bass boost or sub-woofers are required that will keep the crowd pumped up. These speakers are fitted with high volume sound delivery capability so that the sound doesn’t break up & all the frequencies of the sound input are delivered equally.

For smaller uses such as an office room or a car where high volume sound isn’t always necessary, we have two pieces or 1 piece mono sound system. Some people like to carry their sound system on the go but don't want to use a headphone either, for them’s catalog has small sized one channel sound system with the elegant & comfy design which is easy to carry in pocket or purse. These speakers can be connected with Bluetooth easily with their mobile or mp3 devices.

Different people have different taste & different situations for using speakers. Here we have considered this thoroughly when preparing their speaker catalog, but never abandoning the one thing that comes first- the sound quality, giving the customer the ultimate pleasure in hearing.