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Kurti is mainly a casual garment for women. It has become very cordially welcomed in our women wardrobe. Kurti is a semi-long, little loose, lightly weighted robe like a dress to wear for casual purpose and also it is becoming more popular recently among the professional women to wear them at offices. Kurti can be of various materials and designs. Women are choosing them over saree and salwar kameez. Because they are more comfortable to wear day long at outside and inside home during these sunny, hot and damp weather.

Kurtis is made of cotton clothes, Chinese clothes, and linen and georgette clothes. You can have either sleeveless or with sleeves Kurtis as you like. They are soft, they are comfortable and can easily be fitted as they are made a little loose so that you do not feel suffocated. They are not synthetic, so you do not have many sweats as you sweat in satin, synthetic and georgette clothes. You can wear them also at high functions and occasions. Some wear Kurtis with printed leggings or one coloured legging. The combination can be contrastive or can be the same colour. You also can combine your fashion with Kurtis and palazzos, pyjamas, dhuti pyjamas, Patowari and Patiala pyjamas. Another option is with jeans, jeggings, and gabardine pants. Choose any and be your stylist.

Kurtis can be of patch worked; needle worked, simply worked, printed, block and boutique worked, ball printed, various colour combined and floral works. Some women prefer using Orna, hijab and scarfs with them. Well, it is up to your choice. For sunny days you can wear linen and Chinese soft Kurtis. But the cotton ones are best for all purpose. Georgette ones are mainly on some occasions and celebration. But your wardrobe should have all the collections to wear for whatever purpose it is necessary.

You can find the various combination and coloured Kurtis in your local showrooms. Exceptionally designer Kurtis is available in branded showrooms, fashion houses and boutique shops. You can buy from wherever you wish. But you want to buy them sitting at home? Well, you can buy from online shops.

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