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This word "diaper" is related to children or babies. It is mainly a kind of underwear for small children. A diaper is a special type of pant or nappy that is worn by babies so that when they defecate or urinate, their clothes do not get wet or dirty. It is handy for both mothers and the children. It helps to enjoy an outing with your small baby without any tension of its urination and defecation because the diaper will hold the wastage within it so you or your baby will not get wet or dirty when you are out of home for travelling or attending an invitation.

In past days, mothers used to use clothes to make them wear nappies. Cotton cloth diaper or nappy has both advantage and disadvantage. You can change the cloth when it is dirty. You can wash them and dry them up. Again you can use them. But when you use a cloth nappy during the night, and your baby urinate in it while sleeping and you do not change it timely then the baby catches a cold from the wet napkin, and red rashes appear on the adjacent body parts. So you have to change them quickly. Nowadays, plastic diapers are more used by mothers than cloth ones. Plastic ones have absorbent powder in the cotton inside them. This powder quickly absorbs the liquid. So your baby does not feel uneasy from the wet inside. Also baby does not catch a cold. But a plastic diaper is a one-time product. You have to dispose of it when it gets wet or dirty from urination and defecation.

The diaper has reduced the worries of mothers to a great extent. Previously, they do not want to go out with their small babies and children because of the problem. But now they can go easily and enjoy without any tension. Diapers are not only used by small kids but also by young children, little grown up who do bedwetting while sleeping. Some branded quality products are- Pampers, Huggies, Chu Chu, Neo Care, Mamy Poko Pants etc. You can find them in your nearby super shops. But you are rushed and do not have time to collect them from there, and then try from online baby shopping in Bangladesh at has a random collection of baby diapers. You can find any type and any size of diapers here. It is rendering suitable sizes as Small, Medium, and Extra Large Size for your kids. Buy all type and size of diapers from here.