Baby Plate, Bowl and Jar

Babies are called the angels of heaven. They are pure and sinless. They are beautiful, cute and adorable. We die many times to see their smiling face. At the very beginning, they are only breastfeeding. But after six months they start to have other foods alongside mother's milk. They are now fed with khichuri with smashed vegetables, livers, chickens and fishes without bones. They also have cereals, juice of fruits, suji, cow or powder milk etc. For feeding them, you need plate, bowl and jar. You have them at your store, but they are not suitable for your babies as they are big. So you cannot measure properly how much food or milk your baby need.

Already said that kids are adorable and they are little in size. So why should not be their dining dishes be adorable, cute and little? From the view of this perspective, different brands have introduced cutely adorable plates, spoons, bowls specially made for babies. After six months babies can detect the difference between colours. So, vibrant colours are used in these items for the decoration. Various animated cartoon figures are printed on them. Some of them are poohed the bear, Winnie the Pooh, hello kitty, Donald ducks, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry etc. You can choose which one is your kid's favourite.

There are some bowls and spoons specially made to feed your children fruit juice, milk and hotchpotch paste. Some plates are designed with two divisions in one to put the jar vat or soft rice and on other to keep the fish, meat or vegetable. Exclusive kid dish trays are made which include a depth of plate to put rice or hotchpotch. They come along with cute forks, spoons and knives. Little grown-up children can hold them and try to eat their food by themselves. As babies do not always get mother's milk enough in quantity, mothers feed them powder milk with nutrition’s specially produced for young ones. They can store the powder milk or cereal in the clear jars which come with a cute and useful spoon.

Where will you get them as you expected?

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