Whenever we hear "Wooden Door", a general conception come instantly in our mind that, it is something luxurious. A Wooden door can be a thing of luxury, it is true, but it is potentially a thing of safety and beautiful. Doors are primarily used for safety, though some doors inside our home are used just for maintaining privacy. A single door can save your most valuable things inside your home and sometimes your own life also. A wooden door is more popular than a metal door for many reasons. Most of the people use wooden doors in their house. It is stronger than any other type of doors. Hundreds of designs are possible to put on a wooden door. They look gorgeous and luxurious than any other type of door.

Your building may look fabulous and aristocratic, but if you fail to choose a proper door for your home, then your home may not look that much aristocratic because the first impression is said to be the last impression. When a guest enters your home and notices a beautiful door, they will surely appreciate that. The metal door makes a lot of sounds whenever you open or closes that, but wooden door makes no sound. A metal door becomes old very soon, and it damages if it constantly comes in touch with water. Wooden door's colour may damage a little with the passage of time, but a simple polish can instantly regain its new glow.

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People of Bangladesh used to purchase wooden doors from local carpenters, but they are now changing that practice because the local carpenters are not giving new designs are good wood. People ask for fewer prices from them and to satisfy customer's bargaining they use cheap wood to make doors. On the other hand, as most of them are illiterate and are not concerned about the modern world they lack the knowledge of present trend on wooden doors. So, people are now searching for the latest model of doors in online shops.

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